Shih-Kai Chiu

My name is Shih-Kai Chiu (邱詩凱). I am a fifth year math graduate student at the University of Notre Dame, studying under the supervision of Gábor Székelyhidi. I am interested in geometric analysis and complex geometry, as well as related areas. Before coming to Notre Dame, I studied for my M.S. in math and B.S. in chemical engineering at National Taiwan University.

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Student Seminar Fall 2020

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I am currently interested in complete Calabi-Yau manifolds with maximum volume growth. Special examples include AC Calabi-Yau manifolds (Tian-Yau, Conlon-Hein). I am studying their constructions (Li, Conlon-Rochon, Székelyhidi) as well as deformations/uniqueness problems (Conlon-Hein, Székelyhidi). A parallel subject is the asymptotic metric behavior of isolated conical singularities (Hein-Sun).

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